Photoshop User Essential Shortcuts – Must Know

Learning Photoshop can be very daunting, but it's gonna be better if you know from the basic to a more extreme workflow of the popular software by knowing this incredible tutorial about the most useful keyboard shortcuts from Commercial photographer Brian Rodgers...

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Vectr – Free Vector Graphics Software Online

Making graphic design accessible to everyone, worldwide. - Vectr Our creativity shouldn't stop because of the lack of tools, or complexity of the software that we're using, but sometimes, you have to have the right tools to start and create something spectacular or...

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Welcome to Obra Magnifica

Hi everyone! Welcome to ObraMagnifica Blog! This will still be a work in progress, but we hope everyone will have a very resourceful connection with ObraMagnifica in all professional levels. We will make a way to provide important updates, tools, news, and special...

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